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Just Curious About "raspberry Rash" On A Child

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It has been a long time now but my 4 year old had a few reactions early on with the onset of his intestinal issues where he developed a rash the colour of a raspberry with what looked like hives in it on his elbows and knees. We thought he was reacting to a contact with nuts (he is peanut allergic) but we were surprised to see this type of rash as it is not a typical peanut allergic rash and we have not had anyone able to tell us what it was. It came and went for a few hours and then disappeared the next day. As I said, it happened a few times and we put it down to an allergic reaction or contact to something else but I am wondering if this can come and go or if every time a celiac with this type of reaction will show this rash? If so then he does not but we do see it from time to time.


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