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Just got this from Clan Thompson:


Texas Roadhouse restaurant has withdrawn its gluten free menu. They are now

issuing the following statement instead:

"At Texas Roadhouse, our mission is Legendary Food, Legendary Service. Each and

every day, we strive to provide our guests with homemade food and hand-cut

steaks served piping hot by a friendly, energetic staff.

We realize that some individuals suffer from allergic reactions or have an

intolerance to various foods or ingredients, such as peanuts, MSG or gluten.

While we understand these situations, we have conducted an extensive review of

our food preparation procedures and concluded that because of certain risks,

such as the multiple-use of utensils or human error, we can’t provide a 100%

guarantee that our food will not contain some allergens.

While we realize this will be an inconvenience to some, we strive to keep guests

apprised of the company’s position so that they can make informed decisions for

their family."

My name is forgettable, so I invite you to remember this tale." (RG)

Diagnosed with celiac disease, by biopsy, 10/05

T1 diabetic since 2/80

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Celiac.com Sponsor (A8):

Celiac.com Sponsor (A8):

My fear is that other resturants will find us too "difficult" and discontinue their gluten-free menu. My hope is that this is just a CYA statement and those people who have had good luck will continue to enjoy the place. I have never been since going gluten-free.


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Yeah, TRH really pissed me off. I was in contact with them about this whole thing because I write for a local gluten-free newsletter, and they were going to get me a statement, and lo and behold, they don't return mycalls, and put this crap out there.......whatever. Buttheads. Anyway, rant over...they did say that the stuff that was gluten-free will stay gluten-free, but that they couldn't control CC on a busy saturday night, to which I replied "uh, ok".

EnteroLab test positive for gluten intolerence and 2 gluten intolerence and celiac genes

DQ2 and DQ3 sub type DQ7 in December 2005

Gluten-free since Enterolab test, December 2, 2005.

Lame Advertisement Test positive for gluten intolerence in Sept 2005.

THEN found out that my fathers mother had nontropical sprue, she passed away at 40 from (stomach) cancer, had holes in her intestines when they caught it. I had no idea....

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