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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. I JUST read something about this....and now I can't remember where. I think it was in the GIG Quarterly magazine (put out by the Gluten Intolerance Group). I don't know if you can call them (or go to their website, www.gluten.net, and request a copy). I have a yearly membership, so I got it in the mail. Anyway, if you are eating gluten-free pancakes, cake, cookies, bread, etc, you are probably getting a very high carb diet!
  3. I LOVE PF Changs! I get the Chang's Spicey Chicken with NO Chili paste and no chili flakes (ie-no spice) and it is GOOD!
  4. We went for a week 2 years ago. We ate at the Outback, PF Changs, Emeril New Orleans Fish House, Maggianos, and a Wolfgang Pucks place. I was very careful and talked to the manager everywhere we went. It was GREAT!
  5. I eat at Taco Bell every now and then. I get the tosada or the zesty chicken border bowl with no red strips and no dressing. This is from their website: Suggestions for Wheat and Gluten Sensitive Individuals - Tostada - Chicken Fiesta Taco Salad (order without the shell and without the Red Strips) - Chicken Express Taco Salad (order Chicken instead of Beef) - Zesty Chicken Border Bow
  6. Yeah, it was really cool to go there and order ANYTHING and know that it was gluten-free because the whole place is ONLY gluten-free! Very Cool! (Talking about Little Aussie Bakery, NOT Chuys!)
  7. I love the Changs Spicey Chicken, but I order it without the Chili Paste, because I don't really like the spice, just the fried-like chicken, and the onion flavor left when there is no chili paste
  8. We had an Accent and we really liked it. We named it Zippy because it could whip right into small parking spots. That was a great car. We bought it for 6300 almost new, and sold it for 6000 about 6 mos later!
  9. Hey dbmamaz, My A.L.C.A.T. test had some funky results too. I called and ask them about the odd results. My top three reactions were to strawberries, sweet potatoes, and cauliflower. I love strawberries and sweet potatoes, but I hate c-flower. I did what they suggested, and cut out all of the foods (including gluten and gliadin-both in the yellow range) for a month, and then re-introduced them slowly. When I re-introduced strawberries I noticed they gave me headaches. Same for sweet potatoes. I wouldn't have know that before. I still eat them, but I keep in mind that I might get a headache, and I don't eat too much. When I re-introduced the gluten (gliadin- in the form of pasta), I passed out 20 min later and ended up in the hospital because my intestines had shut-down. That is when we looked further into gluten and found out about Celiac Disease. From what I understand, the A.L.C.A.T. tests shows changes in your blood when subjected to the food. So some foods will cause some cell changes, and some will cause other. So you don't have to stop eating rice altogether, but cut it out for a month, and then re-introduce it and see what happens (just like some people to an elimination diet, or a gluten challenge). If you aren't sure, just call them, thats what I did. Tiff
  10. Hey dbmamaz, I am a big fan of the A.L.C.A.T. test, and I was around when someone (who may or may not have been directly connected to the company) spammed the message board with ads. It was pretty ugly. Scott replaced the word with lame advertisment because back then, it really was. I even called A.L.C.A.T. and told them that if they were behind the postings, that they were just hurting their rep around here. I don't think Scott will take it off, but I won't speak for him Like psawyer said, just PM Scott if you want to ask him about it. Tiff
  11. Hey Jazmine, I think these are different places. The Chuy's in Texas are only in Texas. There are only three locations, and they are a local thing. That sounds like a different chain, with the same name though. Stinks though, I wish there were Chuy's (like in Austin) everywhere!!!
  12. I really think you are right. I am going sugar free after new years. I can tell a HUGE difference when I eat a high carb meal and when I don't....
  13. I just wanted to add to the great responses. I have had terrible trouble talking to my family about going gluten-free (and getting tested for Celiac Disease). I have basically ruined my relationship with my father. I am so worried about them and their health (like my sister, who is PREGNANT!!!) but they brush me off. My uncle was diagnosed 7 years ago, but his doc told him "eat what you want as long as you don't get sick" so that is the family attitude now. They don't think they are sick. They can explain away every gluten-related symptom. It makes me really angry. I even got into a bad argument with my sister and said that I wouldn't go see her or the baby unless she got tested. I didn't mean for it to come out that way, but it did, and I am really sorry for it. I am just so worried and frusterated with them! I am trying really hard to let it go. I really am...I have a bad habit of caring too much (about my job, what people think about me, stuff like that) and this just rolls right into that. Anyway, just saying, I know how you feel....
  14. Ditto. You just have to call your insurance company and request your EOB statement. But I have BC/BS (but they go by state, like BC/BS of California, or BC/BS of Virginia) and I know that they don't cover food...they don't cover much, like lab work, and there is a copay on x-rays (for my plan anyway)..... And keep in mind that you might have to pay a higher premium for your insurance if they know you have Celiac Disease, as some companies see it as a liability. I have made it a point to try to keep that out of my insurance paperwork.
  15. I don't think they will pay for any food...but you would have to call them and check your exact plan and request your EOB (explaination of benefits) statement. And I don't know about the tax bread. I have heard about it, but you would have to itemize your taxes, keep amazing records, and be really careful with the IRS rules. So I just don't bother.....
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