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Could My 2yo Have Celiac?

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I hope we can both get good diagnosis whatever is causing this problem.. I have been concerned for a while because he grew so much and I heard it was normal to slow down but he almost has stopped! The doctors didn't worry about the height as much although he had always been off the chart in height before, but his weight had never gone below 95% untill he turned 2...

The specialist we are seeing said he is 75% certain that William has celiac disease just by his 1 blood test that was pos and his symptoms... If the biopsy isn't pos he said he is sure william at least has a strong gluten allergy and could develope celiac disease later so the diet is going to be a must anyway...

My daughter though has been all over the charts and I am wondering if she is celiac disease also but until William is confirmed they won't test Emma! She started at 5%, but she was 3 weeks early and we are at a high altitude. She was 50% by 2 months and then dropped again and was 25% by 4 months when we thought we had it figured out that she was allergic to Dairy. We took Dairy out and she grew again, but never over 50%. She had the RAST tests at 1 year and they all came back negative that she isnt' allergic to dairy, soy, wheat or eggs... She still has positive reactions to Dairy and major Soy though and I am questioning the wheat now... She is currently 30 inches and 19 pounds at 13 1/2 months old... 50% for height but only 25% for weight...

I really think that there is a lot more going on that we have yet to find out and maybe that will explain some of my health problems also...

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