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I Must Sing The Praises

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If any of you are thinking of going to Disneyland for vacation, definitely do it! My husband and I went there for vacation this week, and I was a little worried about having to eat out a lot (at home I only eat out maybe three times a month and always at the same restaurant that I know is safe). The first place we went was Pizza Port where Chef Leah actually came out to talk to me. She knew exactly what celiac disease was and offered me rice pasta with marinara sauce or pizza with my choice of toppings. I know it may be silly, but I was so excited to eat pizza that I didn't have to make myself. And it was really good.

Long story short, Disneyland has compiled a list for celiacs that lists everything throughout both Disneyland and California Adventure that is safe to eat, including all their vending carts and every restaurant in the park. All you have to do is go to City Hall and ask for their gluten free list.

It seemed like everyone I talked to there knew about celiac disease. The lady at Gibson Girl, which is an old fashioned ice cream parlor, used a brand new scoop and scoop from an unused bucket of ice cream. We went to the Blue Bayou for lunch, and the waitress brought me a wedge salad the was gluten free, I took one bite and realized that there was blue cheese all over it, so I asked her about how it was made, if it was started on bread or not, and she went and checked with the chef just to make sure it was gluten free. It was. At the Storyteller Cafe in the Grand Californian Hotel, the chef made me some gluten free waffles, which I chose from a long list of gluten free options.

I really wanted to stay there longer, I told my husband that I want to live at Disneyland, just because it is so easy to eat. :D

Gluten free since 6/1/06

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