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So How Do I Get Started?

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So had the biopsy yesterday so I'm in the clear for going gluten-free...but how?

Do I get all my ducks in a row= like detox the house first or just take it a bit by bit detoxing myself and the house at one time. diet first, house next? I have already checked all the labels in the med cab last week. and some of the bathroom cab- which was entirely too overwelming....laundry room is in the clear as far as i know.

ahhh....where to begin? :huh:

thanks in advance


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Guest cassidy

Someone will come along and give you a link to a starter kit - I just don't know how to find it. It can be overwhelming if you look at the big picture, but it does get easier.

I would recommend going for a basic diet of foods that are naturally gluten-free - fruits, veggies, rice, potatoes, meats. You don't have to check labels on those things because the ingredients are obvious.

I would say the next thing to do is to start washing your hands before you touch your food or your mouth. That way if you have tons of gluten around you won't be ccing yourself all the time. I don't know if you live alone or with other gluten eaters. You might want to check out your pots and pans and replace anything that is scratched and may have gluten stuck in cracks. If you are alone scrubbing most things really well should work but you may need a new toaster, any wooden spoons, and strainer.

Once you start feeling better you will be able to add more foods in and it won't be so daunting to read all the labels. It takes time and most people find hidden gluten after they thought they got rid of it all. It took me two weeks to even start feeling better and I glutened myself a lot in the beginning, so be prepared for that.

Glad you are on the right track and there will be more people along with good advice soon.

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Hello, and welcome!

Here's a link to a great newbie page: http://magickhand.googlepages.com/home

Take a breath, take things slowly and feel free to ask, ask, ask away!!!

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I also recommend starting w/ naturally gluten free foods, and going through your kitchen pitching as much as you can. The basic reason being to get rid of the temptations so that when you're hungry and scrounging for something, you don't come across something you shouldn't have. If it takes a little time to prepare for that - a couple days - so be it. But everyone will need a little bit different of an approach, and I don't think there's a wrong or right way, really.

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