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Rook's Mommy

Meeting With My Sons Doctor

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I am meeting with her on the 20th. I am a little worried that I am going to be blown off. After all she is the doctor you know. But I know there is something going on with my son. Since I have gone gluten-free he is so much better. He is happy. That is what I can't get over. But there are still a few things that are bugging him. Wheat is the biggie, but corn, dairy and eggs seem to bother him as well. I feel like I am going to starve before we figure him all out.

I know he can't be tested for Celiac because he is to young but maybe they can look for genetic markers. Is there a good way to bring this all up or should I just throw it out there. We do have a strong family back ground with celiac.

Addie, wife to Dennis, mother to Gillian (4) and Rook (2)!

Gluten and Corn Free since 02/6

Soy and Peanut Free since 07/08

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