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Mom's Bake At Home

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Apparently this is old news, but I just found out.

Mom's Bake at Home Pizza with locations in Newtown and NewHope PA offers a gluten free dairy free crust!

(and has for about 4 mo.)

I am trying it tonight.

As a side note, Mom's in Newtown is the quaint little pizza shop where Mel Gibson eats lunch in the movie "Signs".....We live a few doors down, and my husband has pics from when the cast was filming (cool!) The used bookstore down the street appears in the film, too.

Anyway, I'm checking it out tonight - lots of fresh veggie toppings, white and red sauces available.

Basically you buy the pizza and go home to cook it. (approx 10 min.)

Don't know if anyone is close to either location, but if you want to hear how it is, PM me, and I'd be happy to pass on (hopefully) good news!

I've been driving over 30 minutes to Jules Thin Crust in Doylestown - (Which is VERY good).

We'll see if Mom's can come close........


Gluten Free since 4/05 - adult onset

Symptoms for 4+ years prior

Immediate family tests negative

No Known family members w/ celiac disease

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