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First Post! Advice/empathy Please!

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Hi everyone,

First-timer here - I was hoping I could find some people with the same problems as me who can offer som advice (or just tell me that they're feeling the same!)

My doctor has diagnosed me with a wheat intolerance following an exclusion diet. Standard blood test (not checking for coeliac) results also showed I have low urea - does anyone know what this means?? I am now currently awaiting results of a specific blood test for coeliac disease. I'm really hoping it is just and intolerance and not coeliac.

Anyway, I am finding not eating wheat incredibly difficult. I just feel like all of the joy has been taken out of food. Does everyone feel this way at first?


Gluten-free since February 2007

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I know it's hard trying to figure out what to eat at first. Try to think of what you can eat. I'm almost 3 months gluten free here. I finally went to a gluten free bakery and bought some goodies a week ago. I got some soft sugar cookies that remind of the Lofthouse ones. I finally decided to try baking. I made some blueberry muffins last night and I have a batch of shortbread cookies to bake today. I'm still having a hard time finding bread, but did find some rice wraps that work nice for a sandwich. Try looking through the recipes and make some old favorite gluten free for a start.

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It is so tough at first, but you will find your way. This website is a great way to start.

I hope the tests show what the problem is, so you will know what you need to do.

Good luck!!!

Gluten free since Sept. 2006

Improved on gluten free diet

Enterolab results confirmed suspicions on Jan. 29th 2007

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