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Omg - Dental Pain!

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ugh, i had a filling done on thursday, i guess my dentist had to go really deep into my tooth (fingers crossed that it wont need a root canal) and he had to fill the tooth next to it as well, he put some anti biotic on it before he filled it. well in my stupidity i went for ice cream before the freezing wore off, dont think that helped, holy crap does my mouth ever hurt. he said wait 10 days and if there is still pain i have to start on anti biotics. any one else ever have this, i never have. i have a headache today, popping advil like candy, any home remedies that could help. i have a great dentist so im not worried that he screwed anything up. he wants to try a filling before a root canal for obvious reasons of saving my teeth, but wow cant eat anything cold (no more ice cream!) any ideas would be awsome or anyone else have this before and how long before the pain went away? thanks everyone!


mom of 4 great kids - 2 diagnosed with autism and 2 typical kids (thank goodness)

all this started after my hysterectomy in March of 2006

G.F. since Feb 2007

Soy free since April 2007

Blood work was negatvie (after 2 weeks of being on the gluten-free diet)

entrolab results:

Antigliadin 9 (normal <10)

HLA-DQB1 Allele 1 - 0302

HLA-DQB2 Allele 2 - 0502

HLA-DQ 3,1 (subtype 8,5)

carrying one celiac gene and one gluten intolerant gene

nurse at entrolab figures i caught this early and dont eat gluten anymore

life is like a box of chocolates;sometimes you get stuck with the yukky coconut fillet one

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