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Gluten Free After Gastic Bypass?

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Hi All, I am new here & have been researching this way of eating for a number of reasons. I, myself, feel I would benefit due to many symptoms I have could be related to gluten (from what i read). Also I have 2 adopted daughters that are diagnosed with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD). My husband has muscular dystophy, sarcoidosis of lungs, & osteoporosis.

My 1st question is for myself......I had gastric bypass 4 years ago & it was the best thing I ever did! Is there information out there on how this diet works with Gastric bypass patients??

I will be reading & posting more later. Thanks!

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Welcome. I have done some basic research on Gastric Bypass myself, I have given it some thought and have decided now I'm diagnosed Celiac to wait until I get my celaic undercontrol (see if i can loose weight now that my body absorbs stuff.) Anyway, from what I understand from my research is that this diet would probally be a good idea. Most bread and pastas are high volume and high carb and high calories, while providing little nutrients. If a person with Gastric Bypass can only eat a small amount, I would think a diet of veggies and meat would give the most nutrient filled meal for a meal that size. It might cause some trouble if you need to eat often as I find that gluten free food isn't usally available when i'm hungry if I don't think ahead.

Anyway, that is what I think baised on my limited knowledge of GB.

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