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Iodine Patch Diagnose Dermatitis Herpetiformis

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Hi everyone, Thanks for all the information on this site. I had DH as a child, out grew it (WHATEVER THAT MEANS !!!!!), I think it went away because I Quit walking on my hands & knees, Pressure points? I vomited in the middle of the night , just A loose Stomach flap. Sorry I'm Venting. Back to my quistion. I'm 38 ,positive biopsy march 07, doing good working my way through. My son is six and having some isues. Broken foot 2 yrs old, this year he broke his coler bone buy running and falling down at baseball practice. A #2 problem in his pants almost daily. Blood Test Inconclusive. He's not crawling anymore so his knees have cleared up. The iodine patch test sounds like a good test for DH. Would it be gluten intolerance, if posative? I do not like his doctor, and my wife is resistant. I would like to avoid a mark on his record. I have only made it this far in life by the grace of god, and do not want this for my child.

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