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Still Struggling ..

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I am still having issues with my son.

He was diagnosed in January by biopsy.

His main symptom was throwing up everyday and multiple times along with pain and grumbling.

He got the sickest after eating chocolate at Halloween. At that time he could not eat any chocolate w/o throwing up and a lot of pain.

We started him on the gluten free diet.

I did not change soaps/shampoos though.

He showed improvement.Throwing up slowed down. He recovered a lot faster and not everyday.

Late Feb. March he had a few weeks w/o throwing up.

He snuck pretzels about 1.5-2 months ago and I am having a hard time getting him better again.

Is the chocolate getting him sick a strong indicator of some other sensitivities to other foods?

WE also were doing a lot of remodeling in our house could there be dust that is making him sick?

I have allowed him to have food with natural flavoring.

I think that is all I have slacked on.

I told my girls they can not cook anything with flour in it for awhile to see if we are having any cc issues.

I have orders to retest his ttg and am going to take him in this week to see if his antibodies are still up.

I am not sure how to figure out if other foods are giving him problems.

I feel bad he is still having problems. He has missed most of his summer school because of it.

Karol mom to Billy

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I'm sorry to hear he is not feeling better. Did you also cut out dairy and sugar? I would find an allergist and take him there. I went to one and discovered I'm allergic to many things and once I eliminated them I am starting to feel much better. Dairy and sugar are the two major ones I eliminated - but from what I understand dairy intolerance goes along with Celiac (I was diagnosed end of March and still learning about this diesease)

I do cheat on the no-sugar (I have a huge sweet tooth!) When I eat sugar I get bloated and have abdomin pain - no throwing up. When I have the dairy tho I sometimes get sick from that.

I hope you can narrow it down - you may have to gradually add/subtract things from his diet to really get a handle on what is making him ill. But I would find a good allergist for him. As you mentioned, it could be environmental (since you are remodeling).

Good luck!


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