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  1. I am asking about my son who had celiac and Down syndrome. He has had a rash we have been trying to control for 2-3 months. Doctor at first thought it was eczema, the steroid cream did very little to help it. I changed his soaps to dove. still very little relief. Then I tried an otc antihistamine and that did reduce the itchiness and spots. After 10 days I took him off of the antihistamines but the rash/spots came back. It is hard to get hi into a dermatologist right now. If it was dh, would an antihistamine affect it? I dont know how he would have been glistened. He has been home since t
  2. My problem with this company is that they very aggressively market to parents who have children with Down Syndrome and it very much does not cure or repair or anything else for Down Syndrome. There may be evidence it helps with other things but I don't agree with their marketing on parents that may be struggling with a Down syndrome diagnosis. If there were any other company that sold an equivalent product I would look at them. That is just my personal opinion. Karol
  3. Mannatech is not my favorite company. Their marketing techniques are questionable. I would look at other companies that have similar products. I don't think they have the science to prove anything they claim. That is only my personal opinion. Karol
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