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Both Gluten And Lactose Intolerance

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I was hospitalized for two weeks with horrible colitis. When I was discharged I was put on a gluten free and lactose free diet (with NO instruction I might add) My husband and I are in our early sixties and this is a hugh life-style change for us. We have always eaten well -- whole grains lots of fruit and vegetables, and now suddenly everything is turned upside down.

Has anyone out there ever been in my position? Can someone recommemd a book that address this combination of issues? I am becoming very depressed and really want to talk with someone who understands this. Thanks

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you can continue to eat the same way (minus the whole grain bread) by changing the grains you cook. rather than having bulgar or barley, for instance, as a side dish, make brown rice or quinoa or amaranth or lentils or beans. all the fruits and vegetables are still fine. if you're eating whole foods, and cooking from scratch, you'll find there aren't too many modifications.

can you post a few examples of what would be normal meals (for all times of the day) for you that might help us provide some specific help?

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