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Blood Test Results

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Hi all,

Quick background... I tested postive IgA back in April. My doctor and I agreed that I definitely had issues with wheat (was on Atkins exclusively for 6 months... cheated with pizza and beer, ended up in the bathroom for DAYS) so we declined the endoscope, and I went gluten free. Decided to have my triplets checked. 2/3 came up with abnormal IgG tests. One boy in specific is "sicker" than the other... being plagued with either diarrhea or constipation, but never "regular" stool.

These are his test results. I am going to include all the celiac specific tests, and then every test that came back abnormal.

Result Reference Range

Transglutamine IgA Antibodies <4.0 <4.0

Reticulin IgA Autoantibodies <1:10 <1:10

Edomysial IgA Autoantibodies <1:10 <1:10

Giladin IgG Antibodies 41.8 <10

Giladin IgA Antibodies <5.0 <5.0

Lipase 22 13-60

IgG Total 1220 658-1184

IgA Total 171 39-239

IGE 57 0-141

TSH 2.23 0.47 - 4.53

IRON - % Saturation 16.3 20.0 - 50.0

IONIZED CA 1.19 1.22 - 1.37

IONIZ CA PH 7.4 1.17 1.22 - 1.37


MCV 79.1 80-96

PLATELET 435 150-400

LYMPHOCYTES 46.4 25-45


SPEC. GRAVITY 1.026 1.015-1.025



BUN/CREAT RATIO 22 12 - 20

CO2 CONTENT 20 22-30

ANION GAP 17 4-14

I'm concerned that so many tests came back outside of normal limits. Anyone have any insight for me??

Thanks so much!


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