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  1. Hi all, Quick background... I tested postive IgA back in April. My doctor and I agreed that I definitely had issues with wheat (was on Atkins exclusively for 6 months... cheated with pizza and beer, ended up in the bathroom for DAYS) so we declined the endoscope, and I went gluten free. Decided to have my triplets checked. 2/3 came up with abnormal IgG tests. One boy in specific is "sicker" than the other... being plagued with either diarrhea or constipation, but never "regular" stool. These are his test results. I am going to include all the celiac specific tests, and then every test that came back abnormal. Result Reference Range Transglutamine IgA Antibodies <4.0 <4.0 Reticulin IgA Autoantibodies <1:10 <1:10 Edomysial IgA Autoantibodies <1:10 <1:10 Giladin IgG Antibodies 41.8 <10 Giladin IgA Antibodies <5.0 <5.0 Lipase 22 13-60 IgG Total 1220 658-1184 IgA Total 171 39-239 IGE 57 0-141 TSH 2.23 0.47 - 4.53 IRON - % Saturation 16.3 20.0 - 50.0 IONIZED CA 1.19 1.22 - 1.37 IONIZ CA PH 7.4 1.17 1.22 - 1.37 CBC: MCV 79.1 80-96 PLATELET 435 150-400 LYMPHOCYTES 46.4 25-45 URINALYSIS: SPEC. GRAVITY 1.026 1.015-1.025 PROTEIN TRACE NEG ELECTROLYTES BUN/CREAT RATIO 22 12 - 20 CO2 CONTENT 20 22-30 ANION GAP 17 4-14 I'm concerned that so many tests came back outside of normal limits. Anyone have any insight for me?? Thanks so much! Karen
  2. Hello gang, 2/3 of my sons tested positive on a celiac panel. We are scheduled to see a pediatric GI on August 9th and August 13th for appointments, and on the 17th, we expect to do an endoscope on the boys. I asked their pediatrician to send me the test results, and would like help in interpreting them: (first number is actual test, second number is reference range) Martin: Transglutaminase IgA Autoantibodies < 4.0 <4.0 Reticulin IgA Autoantibodies <1:10 <1:10 Endomysial IgA Autoantibodies <1:10 <1:10 Giladin IgG Antibodies 27.4 <10.0 ** Abnormal Giladin IgA Antibodies <5.0 <5.0 Landon: Transglutaminase IgA Autoantibodies < 4.0 <4.0 Reticulin IgA Autoantibodies <1:10 <1:10 Endomysial IgA Autoantibodies <1:10 <1:10 Giladin IgG Antibodies 24.4 <10.0 ** Abnormal Giladin IgA Antibodies <5.0 <5.0 I was under the impression that if the Endomysial test came in at a regular value, that the scope will probably be negative? I had put the boys on Gluten-free for 2 weeks, and Martin *finally* wasn't plagued with diarrhea, and actually GREW 1/2". (My children are triplets, Martin is nearly 8" shorter than his brothers) Any input that you guys can give me would be really appreciated!
  3. What is the 529 plan at school? The only 529 I know about is a college savings plan? Will this help my kids in school? Sorry to sound so LAME! Karen
  4. Hi there, I tested positive for Celiac at the end of April. I had my children tested (IGA) and 2/3 of the triplets also tested positive. Their pediatrician suggested they go see a Gastro. doctor, and have an endoscopy. Is it really necessary to have the scope, if the blood test shows a + result? My concern is having an invasive procedure, and have the end result be the same (gluten-free diet). We got the + result on the kids this past Thursday, and they immediately went gluten-free, so they've been "clean" for about 5 days now. What's the up side of getting the scope done? Is there one?
  5. I thought I would update everyone.... I had my children (triplets... in case you didn't see my username tested, and their doctor called me on this past Thursday afternoon. 2 of my children tested positive to the IGA test. Their test specified anything over a 10 is positive. One of my boys tested at 38, one tested at 29, and the other was a 6. So, two of the three have Celiac. After having a discussion about it with my husband, we've decided that our entire household will be gluten free. He can eat what he wants away from home, but this house has been cleansed of gluten, much to the surprise of my neighbors, that just came into a windfall of what WAS our pantry.
  6. Nice. Gotta love it when a doctor doesn't know what he's talking about. I was dx. with Celiac about 2 months ago. My doctor told me to tell my family members to get tested, and that I should have my children tested. So far, I'm the only one who's been diligent, and had my triplets tested. 2/3 of them tested positive after having a celiac panel done. Karen T.
  7. I went to my Internist today, and he was able to pull up my results (I stay within the same hospital network, and all my info. is centralized) and we talked for a little while, and he feels that we can take that 6.4 as a positive result, and that's that. He mentioned that Atkins, while light on gluten, is really only about 75-80% gluten free, and that I need to go all the way now, and follow a gluten-free diet. He agreed with me that an endoscopic test result will only cement what the blood work says, and that since I don't want any type of invasive procedures (including the scope) that he'll stand by the results of the blood test, and my chart now includes Celiac Disease along with my PCOS. I'll be printing out all the "don't eats" from this website, and start weeding out the pantry. Hubby says he'll keep the foods he wants from that pile, and store them in the garage, so that there's no gluten in the house. Thank you Nantzie, Jestar, and Momma Goose for replying to this thread, and help guide me to the "light" You'll all be seeing much more of me!! Karen
  8. Dietary results... well, I certainly feel like a completely different person when I'm on Atkins. First and foremost, it's my energy levels and sleep quality. I generally eat the same thing each day: 3 scrambled eggs with a sprinkle of grated cheddar, 1 cup of coffee with liquid splenda and calorie countdown milk, for lunch I'll have homemade plain yogurt, and for dinner I'll have broiled chicken breasts with green beans. I might have some Carb Smart ice cream if I'm still feeling hungry. For drinks, I generally have flavored seltzer. I'll eat those particular meals for 13 days in a row, and then I'll eat what I want for the 14th day. This diet is what exploited the problem, because by the end of that "cheat" or "reward" day, I'd feel like I got hit by a truck, and have reflux (don't have it otherwise) sleep horrible, gain weight, diarrhea for the next 2-3 days, exhaustion, etc. I had also found that if I let myself have a slice of rye bread during the 13 days "on" the diet, I would present with diarrhea within a few hours. So... I'm guessing that my dietary results *really* show that there's a gluten problem. To think, I have a recipe using "Vital Wheat Gluten" to make "Gluten popovers"... the damage I could have done!
  9. I had to go to my OB/GYN for my regular annual appointment, and she asked me how I had recently lost 70 pounds. I told her that I've been doing Atkins, but that I've noticed something strange... that when I have a "reward" meal every two weeks of pizza and beer, that I've been having weird things happen: Sudden onset of fatigue within 15 minutes of eating/drinking, literally having the wind taken out of my sails, gastric reflux, diarrhea, bloating, ungodly weight gain (always up 15-20 pounds the next morning) headache, malaise, etc. She asked if I've donated blood in the last few years, and I told her that I've tried, but have been turned down each time because of anemia. She decided to have my thyroid tested, and have me tested for Celiac Disease. She called me today, and told me that my test came back as a 6.4, or, in her opinion, a transient positive. She said that although the test I had done was usually >7, but that there's a school of thought out there that she subscribes to that it should be a >5. I haven't really eaten gluten products since December except for once every 2 weeks. The morning of the test I had some white toast, and right before I left for the test I ate a bagel. I understand now that I probably should have been eating gluten products for at least a few weeks before taking the test. How many days in a row should I eat gluten before having that particular test taken? (not sure of the name... transglutamine IGA or something therebouts) I plan on seeing my regular Internist tomorrow, and see what he has to say about this. Any suggestions about what I should talk to my internist about? Do I have to have an endoscope verify the dx? Should I just forget seeing a Gastrointerologist (my OB said I should go see one) or is it important that I should? What if I just ate Gluten free... will that keep this disease at bay? As you can see by my username, I have triplets... should THEY be tested? One of my three just isn't the same size as the other two... he's smaller and skinnier? Thanks for helping a noob!
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