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Positive Aga Igg Test Results

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We think my daughter and my husband may have celiac disease, we started the gluten-free diet this summer as recommended by her pedi and had positive results with the diet, both have had positive results. My husband has an appt to see a GI doc later this month and someone suggested I share my daughters celiac panel results with you all, since they were inconclusive. Her pedi basically read it verbatim from the sheet and told me that further testing would be expensive and may still not give us an answer, to just try the diet. Well, not that she is starting school and not excited about the diet and I know that it will make her feel left out amongst her peers, I feel like I would like answers not guessing about a diagnosis. Anyway she had a positive AGA IgG all the others were negative and her total serum IgA was 84. Does that mean anything to anyone? I really want to see a pedi GI doc but we are sort of waiting to see what my husbands appt turns up. We figure if he is diagnosed with it, she probably has it, and may or may not test her. He follows the diet at home, but feels he needs a diagnosis to stick with it away from home. Any shared info will be appreciated!!

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