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Gluten Free

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Well, despite not really knowing for sure whether or not I have Celiac -- I have had a positive Enterolab -- but not a positive biopsy (which I figured I wouldn't b/c he only took 4 samples) -- I decided I would go ahead and go gluten free -- I am on day 4 and feeling quite good -- I haven't had any D since my last day on gluten (which prior, I had it daily)! I've also lost 3 pounds so far :P

I've decided I will keep up w/ this for a few months, then maybe try gluten again for a couple of days :blink: to see if my problems reoccur (just to give me some peace of mind to stick w/ this). Just wanted to give an update and thank all of you for your help along the way!

I do, however, have this terrible rash which I am trying to figure out if it is poison ivy or DH! It started over a week ago and keeps getting worse! urg -- but, that's for the DH topic that I posted -- I see I am rambling again! sorry :huh:

Thanks again for everybodys help! :D


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