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Yummy Eating, Seattle

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I sent a letter to the Chow Foods website, they run some great restaurants in the Seattle area; The Hi-Life, Coastal Kitchen, The 5-Spot, Atlas Foods, Mioposto, and Endolyne Joe's. Here is what I asked:

I love all your restaurants, but sadly just found out that I am allergic to

Gluten, garlic, and safflower oil. I'd love to know if and how I can still

enjoy your yummy food. I appreciate any infomation you can give me.


And here is the impressive letter I got back within 2 hours from the executive chef of all their restaurants:

Hi Sarah,

Sorry to hear about your recently diagnosed allergy. We can easily

accommodate you.

When you're at one of our restaurants, be certain to inform your server of

your allergies. They'll be able to guide you through the menu and help you

order a dish that doesn't contain those items, and/or help you to modify a

menu item that does. For instance, if we finish a sauce with garlic, they

will ring the ticket in saying "NO GARLIC - CUSTOMER ALLERGY".

We keep a book containing all ingredients for our servers to access at all

times; it indicates the obvious inclusions as well as the 'hidden' ones -

like garlic powder in a spice rub, for instance.

Good luck - and good health,


Yay for Chow Foods!


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