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Need Help Interpreting Son's Blood Levels...

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My son is 4 and is on the autistic spectrum--I have gradually been reducing gluten (I'd say 80% gluten-free around a month ago) when he was accidentally given crackers. I took him that day to have him tested. Can anyone help me with these results?

Gliadin IgA 99 (over 30 is strong to mod. positive--does this mean "positive" that he has more antibodies which are NOT good b/c they are being produced in his reaction to gluten?)

Gliadin IgG 78 (same criteria as above)

Transglutaminase IgA (is this the same this as tTGA)? 22, which is a weak positive under 20 is negative; 20-30 is considered a weak positive

My concerns are this: He has now been 100% gluten free for close to a month. I've read that this last test can be nearly as accurate as an endoscopy. Is this true? Plus, if an endoscopy is recommended that means we'll have to reintroduce gluten :( Any help/guidance is greatly appreciated.

Happy Thanksgiving!!


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