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gluten-free Kitchen And Pantry

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So for those of you who are a complete gluten free family, what do you have in your pantry? I was looking at my cabinets thinking what should i have in here as my"stock" , those items you have to have to cook a meal with? What basics do you always have on hand for 3 kids (10y, 7y, 18m) as "quickie" snacks?

So how do you have your pantry set up? And since I can't go out and replace my cookware, how do you begin gluten-free in a well used NGF kitchen or can it all be cleaned enough to start with? Certain things that must go?



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I didn't replace anything. I should add that my kitchen is not totally gluten-free. I can eat gluten but usually don't. Husband has no food issues. Did get a new toaster. Use disposable foil baking pans for most things. For pizza, I cover the pan with Release foil. I have a new pasta pot that has been used for nothing but gluten-free food.

For snacks, my daughter likes Tings, gluten-free pretzels, breadsticks, hummus, raw vegetables, fresh fruit, canned fruit, applesauce, Fruit Rollups, dried fruit, pouches of almond butter, Boomi Bars, gluten-free cashew butter bars, rice crackers, Fritos, potato chips, popcorn, and sometimes candy like Skittles, Starburst, jelly beans, gummy bears or lollipops. She has additional food allergies so there are probably things your kids can have that she can't. She also likes sorbet, rice yogurt with chocolate chips, beef jerky and turkey sticks. She also likes Enjoy Life cookies and some kind of cookies made with Quinoa. I can't remember the name.

Any of these things will make a lunch for her combined perhaps with leftovers from last night's dinner. A can of Orgran pasta, some of the Meals of My Own, a precooked chicken breast cut up and mixed with rice, tuna salad, falafel, or a sandwich made with Ener-G or other gluten-free bread.

I don't do a lot of baking any more since most of what I tried didn't come out very well. I like the zucchini bread recipe here on this site. For pizza we use Namaste crust or Ener-G rice pizza shells. We can't eat dairy so we use rice cheese.

The flours I always keep on hand are a four flour blend from Bette Hagman, brown or white rice flour (whatever my current recipe calls for), sweet rice flour (mainly for thickening), glutinous rice flour (for making rolls...recipe is on this forum somewhere), and some assorted other things like cornmeal, tapioca starch, potato starch, garbanzo bean flour, cornstarch, whatever my recipe calls for. I am trying to buy less flour than I used to. I found myself throwing out a lot of flour that expired before I could use it. Mainly I use the sweet rice and the four flour blend. I also keep Xanthan gum and powdered vanilla, although it seems I can use regular vanilla and don't need the powdered kind. Most of the rest of my baking things are things I would already keep in the house anyway.

I also keep beef, chicken, turkey and vegetable broth in the house. Either the boxed kind or the concentrate. It's hard to find the kind we aren't allergic to so I tend to stock up on those things. I also keep a good stock of rice pasta, some corn pasta, quinoa pasta and rice in the cupboard. And I keep any soups in cans or boxes that we can eat. Makes a quick meal. I also keep a stock of Hormel chili and tamales.

The bulk of our meals are made up of fresh vegetables and meat. I cook a lot of things from scratch. Just don't do too much baking from scratch.

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I may be a bit of an extremist. :rolleyes: Everything I owned was old and scratched or non-stick or cast iron. I got everything new. At first I bought enough cheap stuff to get me by but I have been steadily replacing it with quality cookware, bake ware and appliances. At a minimum you need a new toaster, strainer, cutting board, and anything that is scratched or that is hard to clean. At first I had a gluten free section for pots and pans, and now we have a tiny gluten section. The same with food. We only have gluten cereal, pasta and bread.

This is a list of commonly stocked gluten free foods:

Tinkyada pasta (many types)

Classico pasta sauce

Hormel Herbox bullion cubes

Kraft cheese packets (I buy the blue box and discard the noodles.)

Apple cider vinegar

Sweet Baby Ray's barbecue sauce

Hidden Valley original ranch

Pamela's baking and pancake mix.

Ener-G wheat free crackers

Kinnikinnick "oreos" and "animal cookies"

Kettle chips

Terra chips (my 4 year old loves them. ;) )

Walmart brand Cheetos

Cereal: Trix, Dora Stars, Envirokids, Whole Foods Cocoa comets, Health Valley Crunch-em's, Pebbles

Glutino crackers and bread sticks

Pop Secret popcorn

Yoplait yogurt

Betty Crocker or Walmart fruit snacks

Bell & Evans chicken nuggets

Ore-Ida french fries (get gluten-free list)


Son 6 yrs old, Positive blood work, Outstanding dietary response, no biopsy.

Household mostly gluten free since 3/07

Me: HLA-DQ 02 & 0302 (DQ 08), which I ran & analyzed myself!Currently gluten lite, negative tTG, asymptomatic

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Here is what you'll find in our pantry on most days:

-Chebe mix (a variety of types)

-Progresso Chicken/Rice soup

-Glutino crackers

-Nature Valley Roasted Nut crunch bars

-Envirokidz bars

-Microwave popcorn

-Homemade trail mix (peanuts, m&ms, raisins)

-String cheese

-Ian's chicken nuggets

-Cream of buckwheat hot cereal

-Glutino pretzels

-Tinkyada pasta

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Below is a list of ingredients I keep on hand for snacks and main meals.

Canned Pinto Beans

Canned Refried Beans

Canned Tomato Sauce

Canned Baked Beans

Pizza Sauce (Enrico


Gluten Free - 30 years

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