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Possible Enzyme Treatment?

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I've been reading this forum for a while now, and I want to thank everyone for their great advice. I never registered or posted anything because I didn't have anything important to contribute, but I think I've come across something noteworthy. The latest issue of Gut describes a new enzyme called prolyl endoprotease that breaks down gluten before it reaches the small intestine. They only tested it in a model of the human GI tract, but I was really excited when I read that it was very effective in breaking down gluten from bread and a fast food meal. You can read the abstract at http://gut.bmj.com/cgi/content/abstract/57/1/25. I also wrote about it on my blog, which I won't link to because I don't want to violate the board rules (but it's in my profile, if you're interested). If this actually works on humans, it would be like taking Lactaid for lactose intolerance. But that's a big "if", since clinical trials haven't been done yet. They briefly described how the T-cell response was reduced when an enzyme-treated sample was incubated with T-cells, but this probably isn't the best representation of the immune system. Still, this treatment seems to have a lot of potential and sounds better than the anti-inflammatory approach that other treatments are geared towards.

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