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Gastric Paresis/celiac

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How are any of you with this diagnose eating/ I was told with gastric paresis to eat low fat, low fiber, with the celiacs thats my primary diet! High fiber and high fat just to keep the weight on but now its working against me and I feel like I'm running in place. I am taking Domperidone as I can not tolerate any of the other medication and I tried them ALL. Don't even want to remember that experience the psychiatric side effects of those meds was a true living nightmare. Now I just have biological side effects which I will have to live with apparently as long as I want to live and I did not struggle to learn to live with Celiacs to succumb to gastric paresis! Any suggestions would be great. Never found a competent nutritionist to help me with Celiacs never mind this connundrum. Any Suggestions would be great! I live in MA.

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