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Topical Gluten Causing Dh In Someone With No Other Celiac Symptoms?

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My massage therapist was telling me that one time there was a massage cream that she had an allergic reaction to. She described a rash on her fore arms that sounded a lot like DH, including leaving purple marks that took a while to go away. She said she never figured out what ingredient causes the allergic reaction, but it only happened with that specific product.

She hasn't mentioned any other symptoms of Celiac Disease (not that we discuss her health throughout my massages lol), and as far as I know she doesn't generally have a problem with rashes.

How likely is it that someone who has Celiac Disease would only get DH where they used a topical product containing gluten?

How likely is it that the rash was not DH, but was an actual allergic reaction (given that it left purple spots that took a while to go away) or some other type of skin sensitivity?

Can someone without Celiac Disease get DH if they're exposed to a lot of gluten?



Not gluten free yet because I'm waiting to be tested.

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