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Well, That Was Dumb!

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I've been gluten free for a couple weeks and already feeling soooo much better and the horrible rash was fading fast from my rear end and not itching and burning so much on my lower legs. Well, yesterday, we go to church and I had a huge brain cramp and received communion. Ugh! Last night started with tingling and I woke up with my back and legs on fire! The rash is all over my back now and my legs are bright red and everything is just driving me crazy. Not too mention how bloated I was this morning.

I told my husband that I'm not doing that again. And he said it must of been something else because the wafers are small. I told him that it was enough.

So, just put me down as another self-diagnosed celiac, because there is no way I'm going back! Though I'm sure my dermatologist will tell me again that it is just "dry skin" and the my gp will tell me that it is stress and to get a "hobby."


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