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Rash Started During Pregnancy

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Hi there, I am wondering if anyone else has had anything related...

I have celiacs and every now and then I will have a little wheat. It usually never bothered me if I ate a little - just a little stomach ache the next day. When I got pregant and ate it, I noticed a rash on my elbow and hip. It went away after awhile & a couple weeks ago I ate some oatmeal & bought a soap that had oatmeal in it and it flared up - guess that oats have gluten in it...opps.

My dr. doesn't seem to pay attention to that I have celiac disease...this is a different dr. than the one that diagnosed it. He gave me some cream to put on it but its not getting much better. How long does the rash stay for?

I also have spot on the back of my head thats red, flakey and itchy(no bumps). I'm not sure if this is related b/c I also have alopecia, where I loose my hair.

The rash I have on my knees, elbows and hips are raised, red, itchy bumps.

Both seemed to flare when aroudn the time I would have conceived.

Would love any ideas for homeopathic remedies too:)

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