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Help With Hives!

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had two tacos today at lunch. i was TOLD they were 100% corn but i am TOTALLY itchy right now.

for dinner tonight i had a rotisserie chicken from the grocery store.

what could be making me itchy? lunch? dinner?

- gluten free since August 2007

- endoscopy came back negative for celiac in December 2007

- bloodwork confirms egg allergy

- allergy testing confirms only banana, apple, melon, egg and environmental allergies

i get hives anywhere on my waist down and less bloating/constipation when i do not eat wheat.

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I would question the rotisserie chicken. I know where I live a couple of the stores chicken have wheat in them. I do not know why they have wheat but they do.

I am note sure about the tacos.... I eat Mission White Corn Hard Shells which are gluen free (says on box).

If you ate the tacos at a fast food place/restaurant I would be careful b/c of the things they add in the meat for flavor may have gluten in them.

Hope you feel better


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Completely Gluten Free February 2008

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