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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. I use to use McCormick's Chili Powder all the time when my husband and I made Tacos yummmm. The only reason I stopped using it was b/c I went Nightshade Free. I never had a problem though gluten wise with the Chili Powder.
  3. I use to love cheetos and other Frito Lay's brand chips. But after going gluten free and learning more I was noticing I was still feeling sick when I ate them. It is nice that some of the food companies are now posting gluten free lists but it is sad when you get excited about getting to eat food...
  4. I just called really quick and asked -- did't get into detail though about what type of broth (ahh forgot, I am on lunch right now at work). The rep at the contact phone number said that the broth is gluten free and so is that chicken.
  5. I got a bag of the frozen chicken you are talking about at WalMart... I have had it a couple of times and haven't noticed any problems. I was going to call them about the broth in it but forgot before I left for work. There should be a toll free line on the bag you can call.
  6. I am so jealous.... I wish mine carried Gluten Free Pantry mixes Wonder why/how your store started to carry the brand -- and how do I get mine Is it just down the baking row?? Thanks
  7. The WalMart by me carries DeBoles pasta -- it is Gluten Free (Rice Spaghetti). I use to buy this pasta when I first went gluten free but after trying some other pastas I don't buy it anymore. It is about (or was) $1.50 it does fall apart so its like eating spaghetti with little parts of pasta....
  8. Thank you Patti for your reply I looked at their website and it looked like they had a store in OR and then online so I called and the lady was really nice said all their tea was gluten free (no gluten in the factory) said they have their teas in a lot of grocery stores but main supply online...
  9. I haven't had any tea since going gluten free last year. I would like to bring a cup to work in the am, after work or if I am not feeling well (ha pretty much anytime). Any suggestions on some good gluten free tea that is also caffeine free? Brands? Use to get Celestial Seasonings but...
  10. We use to get the Hillshire Farms Beef. Sometimes my stomach hurt but I believe it was from the oil/grease. The sodium also got to me. We use to make mac and cheese with the little smokies but same thing. We stopped buying this mainly because of trying to eat better, we maybe buy it couple times...
  11. I e-mailed them and asked, the person that replied said there was an attachment to the e-mail with their gluten free menu but I didn't see one anywhere. I haven't had time to re-write to them but they do have a gluten free menu. I grew up in Southern California so I was wanting to find out for...
  12. WalMart brand (Great Value) is also gluten free. They put Gluten Free on the container.