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Could I Have Celiac Or An Intolerance?

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6 weeks ago I got the flu. Had the runs really bad. I started to get pains down on my left side, still having this pain. They have done blood tests to check for kidney and liver issues, everything is good it's not gallbladder either. I have an u/s scheduled on Thursday.

However I'm also having tightness in the joints in my fingers, extreme gas. I've had diarhhea pretty much off and on my whole life. My back hurts a lot. I'm extremely thin and have a really really hard time gaining weight. I have anxiety and headaches. I've noticed the pain is worse of days I eat something like pasta.

The pain stays in one area most the time but has radiated up to my ribs on the left and around to my back also.

Could this be Celiac?

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