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Dessicated Thyroid In Canada

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For all of you that are taking thyroid hormones for hypothyrodism/more specifically, Hashimoto's, can you tell me if there is only one brand of dessicated (natural) thyroid hormone made in Canada?

I started Thyroid by ERFA two days ago, and have had to stop. When I went to the pharmacy to pick up the prescription, the pharmacist got his book out, in the ingredient list it stated that 'starch may be present'. Then the pharmacist printed off the prescription information from the ERFA website and it states the product is gluten-free. So, I started the medication. I feel like there is gluten in it, though. I had bad reflux from it. Last night I slept 3 hours because of the reflux, headache, digestive upset, and pain in my back.

I emailed the company yesterday to ask for a guarantee that it's gluten-free; but I haven't heard from them. So, I didn't take any today; and can't make an appointment to see my doctor until tomorrow to talk about different medication. I really want to stay on the natural hormone since I hear it's better - any thoughts on which one is better - synthetic/natural? Any other natural forms besides the one by ERFA? I'd like to try Armour, but it's only available in the U.S., right? Can we still get it here in Canada, though?

Diagnosed Celiac via biopsy '97/Gluten Free ever since

Diagnosed Hashimoto's 04/08

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