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The Life Of A Yorkie....

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Hello everyone!

I have been suffering since February 10th this year with a wide range of horrible symptoms. I may also have a vestibular problem and constantly finding fluid in my left ear, maybe due to Perilymph Fistula!

It all begun with an episode of spinning vertigo, slowly but surely it developed into something for more overwhelming and sinister.

My symptoms are -

Loose bowel movements (has improved slightly, was very mucousy and horrible at first)

Weight loss (16 stone towards 14 stone in 3 monthes)

Light headed

Breathing difficulties (I can't feel my own breathe in my windpipe or chest usually, only on lips, rarely in nose)

Loss of sense of where I am in space (Sometimes feels like my arm for example isn't there, yet I know it is)

Cold body parts (Feet usually always cold, fingers and other areas just go cold)




Panic Attacks

Brain Fog (Oh how I loathe this, can be a symptom from my inner ear problems too!)

Odd sleeping patterns (Sometimes I sleep for hours, sometimes I can't sleep, sometimes I can't stay asleep)

Joints always clicking (I'm like a walking musical instrument!)

Sharp pain in lower left abdomen and back (Never long , seconds)

Diminished vision (Though it fluctuates and returns)

Lots of fluid in sinuses (Could be a CSF leak related to PLF)

Mood instability (Always switching between self pity, to anger to emotionless)

Dry mouth

Dry eyes

Genital Issues (My penis is quite paniful at times and dry too, left testicle aches and has for over a year)

Ears popping, leaking, crackling etc


Weakness (My muscles feel so odd, sometimes its as if I can't control them in same way)

Intermittant "Numbness" (Say I flex my bicep, its as tho I never did it, yet I know I did)

Sore throat

All of this hit in around March and has continued to this date. Before then I had the occassional spells of bad bowels movements and annoying pain in my abdomen, usually on the left. I got terrified when I found lumps in my abdomen, but the Drs (two of them) are confident this is scar tissues as I had alot of pain there following badly done sit ups.

I am at times getting better, at others feeling horrible and as though I'm wasting away and dying. I have a fear of death, this illness has intensified that ten fold.

I was wondering if anybody else had similar symptoms? I have had a weak positive result for my blood tests and am awaiting a endoscopy (have been doing for some time! Ruddy NHS!), but I just get this sneaking suspision it may well be Celiacs.

Hope to get to know you all!

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