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Oat Challah?

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Every week for Shabbos (Jewish Sabbath) I've been making a gluten-free challah for myself, plus getting wheat challahs for other family members who don't have a problem with gluten. I'm always nervous about cross contamination, no matter how careful we are.

For those without gluten sensitivities, Jewish law requires bread to be made from wheat, spelt, rye, barley, and/or oats. This means that my rice challah is acceptable for me, but not for healthy family members. gluten-free oat challah would be acceptable for everybody, since it's made from one of the 5 species of grain.

I found gluten-free oatmeal at a local store. I would have preferred oat flour, but that would mean buying it online. That would probably be more expensive once shipping charges are figured out, and in any case I want to encourage my local store to carry the gluten-free products.

So now that I have the gluten-free oats, how exactly do I go about turning them into challah? I guess I can put the oatmeal into a dry food processor to make it into flour, but then what?

Can I use a regular challah recipe calling for wheat flour? Should I treat it like rice flour, and add cornstarch and xanthan gum before adding liquid ingredients? Are there any specific oat flour recipes available somewhere?

Ruth, single mom to DD1, 14, DD2, 113, and DS, 7

Kosher, low carb (since 6/3/07), gluten free (since 11/15/07), dairy free, mostly legume (incl. soy) free since 2/7/08. Now on the Blood Type Diet (type O) which includes cutting out corn as well. I have fibromyalgia and this diet is helping me feel better.

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