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Mcgregor's Discount Natural & Organic Foods - Wow!

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Somebody mentioned this place to me at our last support group. We were in Tacoma yesterday, and decided to check it out. It is a little tiny mom and pop place with low price natural foods, toiletries, cleaning products, etc. I'm sure it is surplus and scratch and dent kind of stuff. They have a tiny little room off the back that says Gluten Free in big letters. I went in and found a treasure trove of gluten-free bargains. Boxes of quinoa cookies 4/$1.00. Namaste muffin mix for $1. They had a few Bobs Red Mill and Kinikinnick things too. Some things that cost a little more, but everything was less that I would pay to get it got locally or on the web. They had pasta, mixes, and a nice variety of other items. Like any surplus place, you never know what you are going to find, but I definitely found some great stuff yesterday. ! spent $17.50, and came out with a huge box full!

They don't have a website. They are located at 8431 Pacific Avenue in Tacoma.

I have no financial interest in this place, but I love a great bargain - especially a gluten-free one!


Dx 8/05 via bloodwork and biopsy (total villous atrophy)

13-year old son Dx 11/05 via bloodwork and biopsy

Daughters (16 and 5) have tested negative via bloodwork

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