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Follow-up Bone Density Scan

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Well I scheduled my follow-up bone density scan, August 11th... it's probably my 10th scan (one of the labs I worked for had a DXA machine so they used to scan me every six months to help calibrate the machine since we already knew I had low bone density) so I know what to expect. I should be used to this by now, but for whatever reason there are always two follow-up appointments that really bring home to me that I'm not a normal person: that stupid colonoscopy every 4 years and the bone density scan. I'm having problems keeping my depression under control, and have tried two different anti depressants but they make me itch, so we're still working on a solution for that one and of course bouncing on and off medications probably isn't helping much. Anyways, I've withdrawn a lot from my social life lately because it's so hard to talk to people that just don't get it, especially when I'm always saying that being gluten free is no big deal (and I still don't see the diet as being a big deal anymore - maybe when I started, but it's a way of life now). And I don't want to scare my husband about how celiac disease can be a major contributor to other illnesses if it's not kept in check and I feel even more so this way since our son has been born. I just don't want him to worry I guess and he gets that we have to be gluten free so there's no point to make him worry. I'm sure everything will be fine, but I'm not looking forward to doing the bone density drugs again if everything is not fine.

Rereading, maybe I should have posted this under Coping with instead of post treatment.. sorry.

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