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Final Results

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*also posted on teen section*

Ok... I went to my doctor and had a blood test 2 weeks ago. and Then he talked with me adn told me I have Celiac. I have never had symptoms (like most of you I guess) or so I thought.

Here is the scoop:

Recently Diagnosed with Diabets

I have very bad Anemia

I have really bad pains in my knees and hip

I dont have the runs but I have on off constipation

My mom is alergic to all foods basically (they think she may have Celiac, she is being tested too)

Lots of dizzyness

Cold hands and feet/ tingling hands and feet

I have been gluten free now for a week and am having some bad stomach pain...

I don't know if thease are symptoms of or results of Celiac, apparently some tests were inconclusive and my final results will be in thursday. My doctor thinks I have celiac and he is 90% sure. So lets see if any of you can predict what my results will be. I unfortinently think I have it. I thought I already did, I dunno this test confused me. But yah lets wait till thursday. Any1 feel free to post here. Ill post my results on thursday.

Gabe, 16, maryland

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My son has had constipation problems. After my daughter was diagnosed with Celiac, my son was tested and it came back negative. He was eating gluten free and guess what? Constipation is only a severe problem for him if he eats gluten. If he doesn't have Celiac or an intolerence to gluten, how come a diet with less fiber in it makes his b.m. more normal? Needless to say he is on a gluten free diet. No test has explained why a gluten free diet makes such a drastic difference

for him, but it does.

Other things to consider...

his fingernails are growing, look less pitted and grooved

his hardening of the hair follicles on his arms and thighs is fading (looks like hard little pimples)

his stool looks like a normal color instead of pale taupe

his tempermaent is better

his belly is not distended or bloated

less gas

less complaints about stomach aches



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I had no clue hair pholical hardening was a symptom. I never told any1 I thought they would think I am a hypocondriact... but sometimes when I move my hair it HUTS. I could never explain it.... and my bow movments are a greenish pigment. and ever since I have been gluten-free I have had a movement once a day.

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