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I Hope This Is It!

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I am new to this board and WOW. Although I came to this conclusion on my own through research that I am at least for sure GI ( I see my primary today to talk celiac disease) all these posts sure hit home. Its pretty sad to say "I hope this is it" but 18+ years later I am soooooo ready to feel better. I never had classic symptoms...diagnosed IBS when I was 16 (after I had Mono and after many years of thyroid disease) my symptoms slowly changing over the years to some cardiac problems (all undiagnosed) and edema and blood pressure problems (all gone after 1 month gluten-free) all I can say is WOW. I am now 35 I also have the pain and bloating and headaches...sudden severe nausea lasting about 2 hours....for years I told my docs I felt poisoned...something I was eating was poisoning me...why couldn't they figure it out. Anyways...pray for me today as I request the bloodwork, hopefully I have been off the diet long enough that if it is celiac disease it shows, but regardless thank so much for this awesome board and I will stay gluten-free for my own sake. I would like a diagnosis as my 13 year old has alot of the symptoms also so for her sake I would like to know.

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Have you already had a blood test done that came back positive ? In order to get a blood test positive for celiac disease you have to be ON gluten for a while otherwise it will come back negative if you have been gluten-free.


Positive bloodwork

Gluten-free since January 2004


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