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Weird Symptoms

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Hi everyone,

I have some weird symptoms that puzzle every doctors i've seen,

so i was wondering if it could be Celiac :

For three years (i'm 23 y/o) i've had great difficulties sitting at

a chair that isn't reclined because of an uneasyness in the

small bowel region. The same happen when i stand straight.

When i'm laying on my back i feel the same thing and if i press

on some spots (on the left and middle) i feel an horrible pain that

goes away as soon as i stop pressing.

This occurs 24/24 7/7 but sometimes it hurts when i press even when

i'm not on my back.

When i walk or sit for a long time i have a mild diarreah or mucus in

stools (nothing when i stay in bed at home) and a continuous mucus

leak from my behind (but no incontinence at all).

My blood/fecal tests (a very comprehensive) showed nothing.

Anti-gliadin antibodies are <20

I've done a fibroscopy/colonoscopie last week that showed nothing visually

but i'm waiting for the biospy results (12 samples from all the GI lining)

My GI-logist told me the symptoms doesn't really match anything,

so i'll do a CT soon to check for tumors or pancreas/spleen problems.

I was wondering if anybody with celiac had that kind of symptoms ?

Could that be IBS ? (the first doctors i've seen told me that without

any tests and when i talked about celiac they all told me ridiculous things

like "you would have skin rashes all over your body" or "it would have

been detected in childhood" ...)

Thank you very much,


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There are 200+ symptoms that can come with celiac and everyone is different. What they told you about celiac is absolutely false. There are people that haven't been diagnosed for years. Also some people with celiac also do not get symptoms which makes it harder to diagnose. Doctors commonly make a diagnosis of IBS when it is in fact celiac. Celiac is commonly missed. I would get tested for it if I were you along with what they are testing you for it can't hurt to be tested. Good luck :D

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