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Always Confused

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I am very confused. I was diagnosed with ulcerative proctitis about 8 years ago at the ripe old age of 22. A couple of years ago I went on the atkins diet and completely emlimated all grains from my diet. For the first time since diagnosis all my symptoms went away. I learned of celiacs disease and asked for a test from my doctor. The results were negative. So I started eating wheat again and then asked for a test and still negative. Now since I have been eating wheat and products I feel completely miserable, bloated, naseated and now my proctitis is back. Naturally I elimated wheat again and now seems as if I have a problems with most starches and sugars. I am completely confused and discouraged about ever eating anything pleasant again. I also have tons of heartburn all the time. If anyone out there could shed some light on anything I have mentioned It would be great. Doctors have not been much help, and I feel very uncomforatble around my gastro guy's bed side manner and dont have a choice to change docs. I am new to the forums but have been at this site numerous times for info.




gluten-free just recently. Found out about Celiacs and sounds like me. Bloat and pain when eat wheat and some other unidentified foods. Went on Atkins diet for 1.5 years and no symptoms. Went off diet and ouch owie agony pain. Test negative, know positive.

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Guest BellyTimber

Welcome, like me not long ago I hope you'll find it a breakthrough discussing your questions here.

Re. heartburn, antacids (in point of info.) are the wrong thing for it because you need more and better stomach acid not less (there may be several other matters too).

Search the forum for suggestions on things like digestive enzymes, betaine hydrochloride with pepsin, etc. (take as you begin to eat?)

Take it one small step at a time, sit back & sigh with relief there are many many people here that will try & help...



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What tests did they test you for with celiac? Did they have your EMA and tTG done? Those are pretty specific for celiac. If you keep testing negative maybe you are gluten intolerant but not celiac. You could have an Enterolab done and they can check for celiac with that without requiring you to get back on gluten if you really think you have celiac. You may also want to consider York testing. They test for allergies and intolerances.

Also I would recommend you to get a good probiotic and some good enzymes(you always take the enzymes after you have at least 1 bite of food) Good luck :D


Positive bloodwork

Gluten-free since January 2004


Jeremiah 29:11- "For I know the plans that I have for you, declares the Lord, plans for you to prosper and not harm you,plans to give you a hope and future"

"One Nation, Under God"

Feel free to email me anytime....jkbrodbent@yahoo.com

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The Atkins diet is what led me to discover my gluten intolerance. You will find that there are plenty of good things to eat when you go gluten-free. It is not nearly as limiting or as restrictive as it seems at first. I was so sick for so long that I gladly gave up the foods that were poison to me and I don't miss them. Keep at it because it is worth it. Doctors were of absolutley no help to me. All they wanted to do was write prescriptions not find a solution to the problem. This website is easily the best resource for gluten intolerance.


If all the world is indeed a stage and we are merely players then will someone give me the script because I have no f!@#$%^ clue as to what is going on!

What does not kill you makes you stronger.

Nobody cares about losers and quitters never win. If you fail with the cowards then what's the message you send?

Can't get it right, no matter what I do. Might as well be me and keep fu@$ing up for you. - Brian Thomas (Halloween, the greatest metal band ever!)

Ian Moore. Self diagnosed at 36 because the doctors were clueless.

Started low-carb diet early 2004, felt better but not totally gluten-free. Went 100% gluten-free early 2005 and life has never been better.

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