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Positive Anti-gliadin Igg

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In November I had a celiac blood panel done. All of my results were negative except for my IgG results. My results were 69 where >10 was considered high. The doctor said that based on my symptoms, and such a high level of anti-gliadin antibodies that he was positive that I had Celiac, or at the very least, a severe gluten intolerance. With all of the controversy over IgG, I'm wondering if it's possible that something else was causing my symptoms, and my gluten free diet is only a band-aid fix.

Here's a quick overview of my symptoms: I began to have digestion problems when I turned 18 (and moved away to university). The next year I was diagnosed with ADHD and IBS. Two years later I moved to Italy for a semester and I had urgent and persistent diarrhea every day. I lost 20 lbs (while I lived in Italy I ate gluten for breakfast, lunch, and dinner - pasta, pizza, panini). When I returned home I gained a few pounds but continued to have diarrhea every day.

After graduating from college I moved to Japan and the diarrhea stopped. I thought I was cured. After Christmas I began to import some of my favorite American foods (flour tortillas and goldfish), and began to experience joint and muscle pain, as well as muscle spasms; I was given pain meds and muscle relaxers. Three months later I began to have stabbing pains under my ribs on the left side. I went to a dr and he believed that I had an ulcer from the NSAIDS and gave me meds.

The pain continued to get worse, not better (especially in the evening and after eating). The dr ran quite a few tests (CT scan, blood work, upper endoscopy, etc.) The only finding of any interest was a polyp in my esophagus (which I was told was benign). The pain was so bad that I could barely walk. They diagnosed me with stress. They don't give real pain meds (only ibuprofen) in Japan, so I was given an SNRI anti-depressant to deal with the pain. The pain didn't leave, but it was manageable (for the most part).

I returned home and went on a gluten free diet in November. I am able to eat eggs and dairy again, which my body couldn

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