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Please- I Need Some Knowledgable People To Help!please Tell Me What You Think!

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After years of struggling with the following symptoms- (I have all of the typical symptoms of celiac with an exception of the diareah-- instead I have CHRONIC severe constipation, fatigue, insulin resistance, hypothyroidism (which is controlled with meds-- but my thyroid perodase antibodies were over 1,000 range 0-35) 3 early miscarriages). I got bloodwork done to see if I have celiac ... I am not sure if it measure gluten sensitivity/intolerance... but I am hoping for someone's thought's on my results. (I was gluten free for only a day before the test was taken- and I had a piece of light wheat toast the morning I went for the bloodwork --that all probably doesn't have much effect though as overall- I am sure that I have consumed a lot of gluten of the 4th of JUly weekend).

BTW- I got the results and have yet to hear from my doc regarding them. Thanks for your help:

GLIADIN IGA.....3 (Reference Range: <11 Negative, 11-17 Equivocal, >17 Positive)

GLIADIN IGG...<3 (Reference Range: same as above)


TTG IGA.....<3 (Reference Range: <5 Negative, 5-8 Equiocal, >8 Positive



TTG IGG....<3

So do you think I shouldn't go this route anymore -- or do you think I may still have concerning matters with gluten to figure out? How accurate are these results? Should I have ANY GLIADIN IGA anyway?




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I certainly don't profess to be an expert by any means or even a knowledgable person necessarily, but I can give you my experience.

I never really have/had diarrhea or constipation, just some loose-ish stools. I think both of those things are normal with celiac. From your symptoms I can understand why you would be suspicious of celiac. I would be too and I wouldn't rule it out yet. I think that your results were probably not affected by any dietary changes that had been made for 1 day.

My blood results were negative and my biopsy was as well. There are plenty of people around here who have a similar story. Technically they can't be diagnosed as having celiac without the positive biopsy or the dermatitis herpeteformis (sp?) rash, but plenty of us believe we have it. Or at the very least a sensitivity to gluten.

If I were you I wouldn't dismiss the results just yet. You can either try to eliminate all gluten from your diet and see if that helps, or if you want to test specifically for gluten sensitivity you could do a stool test. www.enterolab.com offers stool testing for gluten, dairy, soy, eggs and yeast. They also have genetic testing that some people choose to have. Stool testing hasn't been accepted by the mainstream medical community as of yet, but there are a lot of people on this fourm who feel like they have provided very valuable information. It is much less invasive and less expensive than a biopsy which may be negative even if you have gluten sensitivity.

There are many of us who have been told by our drs. that we have IBS and not celiac, or that it is all in our heads. My dr. gave me the IBS diagnosis and sent me on my way. That wasn't good enough for me and now I am currently gluten-free (for 3 weeks) and waiting for my test results from enterolab.

A lot of people recommend the book, "Healthier Without Wheat" by Stephen Wangen. I read it last week and it is excellent. It talks about celiac and other types of gluten sensitivity. Dr. Wangen recognizes that celiac is only a small part of gluten sensitivity/intolerance and that many people can have a negative diagnosis of celiac and still have problems with gluten.

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