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Pregnant--what Should We Know When Dealing With Celiac And Diabetes?

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My ex-foster mother, who's 34, is in the process of getting pregnant. Two days ago (weeks after my own diagnosis), she was diagnosed as being gluten-intolerant and allergic to wheat. She isn't certain how she should be eating during pregnancy given that she was originally told that for her diabetes, she should be eating whole grains and that she should limit fruits and vegetables. Among other things, we already know that her prenatal vitamins have gluten (they're also not great for the diabetes), and are wondering if there are alternatives.

Does anyone have any advice?

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She'll need new prenatals, obviously. But there are LOTS of gluten free grains, and they're pretty hard to find in any fashion other than 'whole' (unprocessed). Brown rice, wild rice (not technically a grain), buckwheat (kasha), quinoa, amaranth, teff - are all gluten free and a good source of fiber and complex carbs.

On the other hand, I have no idea why in the world they would tell a diabetic to limit vegetables. Assuming that she's being cognizant of the difference between starchy vegetables (like potatoes, carrots, beets, and other root vegetables and winter squash) and other vegetables (particularly leafy greens, cauliflower/broccoli, summer squash), they're an EXCELLENT source of low-carb, high fiber nutrients. And there's a huge difference in the glycemic impact from an very ripe banana (lots of simple sugars) to a bowl full of berries (some sugars, but not a whole lot). She may want to get an appointment with a good dietician...

As I understand it, the idea with diabetes is that you need to know how much carbohydrates you're taking in. As long as it's not simple sugars, or refined starches, it doesn't matter if she's eating a cup of kasha, or two cups of root vegetables. (Actually, I'd do root vegetables over the grains any day, for my blood sugar (I'm a reactive hypoglycemic), as I'm getting more nutrients for my carb count.)

(Rainbow Light, btw, makes a gluten/dairy/etc. free prenatal.)

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