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Help Finding Dr. For Son- Virginia

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Hi everyone,

I just registered for the board this morning after a disheartening biopsy experience. My son responded very well to a gluten-free diet (lessened diarrhea, decreased irritability and tantrums, etc.), but doctors are seeking diagnosis through testing. We have a strong family history on my husband's side of the family (multiple diagnoses, one with confirmed biopsy). So, this morning my son had his biopsy (he was only off wheat for two weeks, back on for four before biopsy) and the doctor said everything appeared extremely healthy, although he did take the tissue samples for analysis and said to wait on those results. I am very worried that the sites of biopsy will come back normal, and they will put him back on laxatives as treatment. (The chronic diarrhea is caused by underlying constipation.) His blood results were negative, although he has iron-deficiency that has not responded to 6+ months of multivitamin treatment and originally had reducing substances in his stool tests.

I know it sounds silly, but I "know" that something is going on here with my son. He is only two and a half and has not gained weight in about six months. At this point he will even come tell us that his tummy hurts. He has "normal" stools only once or twice a week. The rest of the time it is diarrhea two to three times a day. I do not want to put him through another round of suppositories and oral laxatives.

Anyway. After all that rambling, does anyone know of a doctor Hampton Roads area (Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Chesapeake, Portsmouth...) of Virginia who would diagnose based upon dietary response? Preferably it would be a doctor supported by Tricare. I simply do not want to be dismissed because of negative findings that may not have had time to develop because of his age. I would simply go gluten-free, but we need medical documentation of an allergy for him to be gluten-free at daycare.

In the long run, I just want my son to be healthy! I can't imagine having diarrhea everyday and not understanding why I didn't feel well.

Thanks in advance everyone, and I apologize for the length of the post when it was really a simple question. I guess I needed to vent a little bit as well.


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Hi Rachel and welcome!

Dr. David Norris

General Booth Pediatrics

Virginia Beach

(757) 668-6700

If Dave can't help you, he can direct you to someone who can. But, he's a good doctor.

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