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The Fluffy Assassin

Any Suggests For Gfcf (preferably No Sugar) Diet?

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I'm also at my wit's end, such as it is. I've been gluten free for almost two years. That was a picnic by comparison. Since dropping casein (all dairy and a lot of dairy substitutes) and sugar, it's been a hypoglycemia party almost every day for a month, or that's what it feels like. (Hot in the face; given my gender, I have to assume that that's a hypoglycemia symptom rather than menopause.) I'm trying to add more protein and fats to my diet but nuts don't seem to be cutting it. Adding more olive oil seems to help a little, but also makes me nauseous. I seem to have a bit of Jack Sprat in me. This is getting less fun every day, and is cutting into my important regimen of malingering, loitering and mopery.

On the bright side, the Asperger's seems to be somewhat on the run. Gluten-free Casein-free diets are often associated with improvements in autism spectrum disorders. The sugar end may or may not be connected. I just happen to be highly fructose malabsorbing. Some people argue that this also is connected to social disorders, but I quit it to end the near-perpetual diarrhea. I quit all sugar, well, probably because I still had Asperger's style inflexibility at the time. But it seemed to help, too.

Does anybody know of any site with meal plans for the Gluten-free Casein-free (sugar free if possible) diet? I found one that said it did, but what it had was a whole bunch of suggested foods for each meal, but no suggestions for "Eat this main dish with this starch and this side vegetable." Thanks in advance, and don't be afraid to explain it like you would to a kindergartener; that appears to be my level at this time.

Edit (8/22): I'm feeling much, much better, so maybe I finally have this licked. Anyway, I'm not so much at my wit's end anymore, but still curious.

Here's my daily menu; it's gotten awfully simple lately. Breakfast is yellow grits with a teaspoon of peanut butter, unsweetened vanilla almond milk, cinnamon and pistachios, and two eggs, scrambled, in an omelet of sorts with kale sauteed in olive oil. Lunch and dinner these days is chicken/potato/vegetable stew. I make a big batch to cover meals for a day or so in advance. I added a lot of olive oil to the last batch, which seemed to help except for the nausea already mentioned. Next time, at the suggestion of a celiac.commer who may or may not want to remain anonymous, I'm switching to safflower oil, but not using as much, and as a modification to her suggestion, adding walnuts. We'll see how that works out.

So, glad to say that I'm no longer desperate or feel like I'm dying, but still open to suggestions. Thanks!

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