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Dark Choc. Macadamia Nuts W/ Confectioner's Glaze

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This is what I found about this confectioner's glaze.... The LAC resin is dissolved in alcohol. I'm not sure if this is why or if it's just a sensitivity that I have. Every time I've tried eating these things, I get sick.

I notice that there are some that react to things that may have to do with this type of coating too.

This link is an interesting read...


The following is from this web site:


CONFECTIONER'S GLAZE - Technical Information

Maple Leaf brand glazes are alcohol solutions of various types of food grade shellac. These are available in various concentrations or "LB cuts" which refers to the pounds of the lac resin dissolved in one gallon of alcohol to make a particular cut of glaze.

These glazes are used extensively in the food industry as a natural sealer which improves the general appearance of the product, extends the shelf life, provides good moisture protection and stops the coated product from sticking together when packaged.

Coloured confections coated with Maple Leaf Brand glaze will have greater colour stability and reduced bleeding which is extremely important in cake and ice cream decorations. Other applications where glaze would be used include:

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