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Brand New....stool Question? Is That Tmi? :)

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Hi all!

I am brand spanking new here. I have been visiting and lurking for a few months, because I have been suspicious.....and curious. Here's my story and question:

I have son (adotped, so genetics are unknown) who is 11. He has been on ADHD meds since he was 4. Seriously hyperactive.....I mean seriously!!! Tried different diets (no sugars, no dyes, etc....) with basically no change. I can never tell if he is just having a "good day", or if diet is helping since he can have a "bad day" with no notice.

I have been blessed to become friends with a mom of a celiac daughter, and have heard of several ADHD moms tell me of sucess with adhd symptoms with the Gluten-free Casein-free diet.

Ok, fast forward to the stool part. We were at the dr a month or so ago and I mentioned all this. As I said it to him, my son starts asking the dr about his "occasional bloody poop". So the dr ordered a blood test and stool sample test. Here's where I get a little "stupid, cause I'm new at this". I don't know what they tested him for, although I know that we were looking for food allergies. Ok, the dr calls me to tell me his blood work is "normal' for anemia and whatever else we were looking for. (we were looking for whatever would cause a bloody stool). He says since it's normal, you don;t have to do the stool sample. Too bad, I did it anyway! :)

So then the doc calls me and tells me that the stool results were "basically normal". He had undigested sugars in his stool, and could I redo the test the next time he had a bloody stool (of course, the ones we submitted weren;t of the bloody nature!)? He said that if something shows up in the bloody stool, we may look for polyps, but he doesn't expect to find anything, he wants to be able to rule out anything 'more serious".

Undigested sugars in the stool? Is this anything? When I combine it with the behaviour issues........ well, can someone who's BTDT please give me their input on the whole "undigested sugar in stool" thing? gluten? something else?

thanks so much!


~International Mom

~~ 3 kids all internationally adotped

(the son in question was born in Russia)

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