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Blood Tests

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I know these aren't normal test results but are they say normal for someone who is newly diagnosed with celiac disease or are they considered extremly high?

TTG Antibody, is > 100 should be around <5

Gliadin Anitibody IGG is 27 should be <11

Gliadin Antibody IGA is 87 should be <11

Tissue Transglutaminase (IGG, IGA)

TTG Antibody, IGA >100 should be <5

My CBC isn't way off but is this normal for celiac disease patients or could there be another problem on top of celiac disease?


Hemoglobin is 11.3 should be 11.7-15.5

Hematocrit is 34.2 should be 35.0-45.0

MCH is 26.7 should be 27.0-33.0

RDW is 15.4 should be 11.0-15.0

I have a follow up with my doc in a week but I was just wondering what test results other have had.

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