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Becky C

Great Value Chocolate Soy Milk?

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I'm lactose intolerant and I don't have any problem with soy, so I've been drinking soy milk for a few years. I recently went gluten-free though, and I noticed that the chocolate soy milk with the new GV packaging says "natural flavors" on it. I know Great Value took the "gluten free" off of the labels of all their other products and put on a notice that says the products were processed in a factory that processes different allergens (they list them all), including wheat. I'm too new to the gluten-free diet to know if it is affecting me. Anyone else had any experience with this, or know anything about it?

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While "natural flavors" can contain gluten, they very rarely actually do. The most likely source would be barley malt, and that is a relatively expensive ingredient, so it is usually explicitly declared as "malt flavor."

If there were wheat in it, in the US it would be required by law to be disclosed as just that, "wheat."

Shelly Case on flavorings:

It would be rare to find a "natural or artificial flavoring" containing gluten because: (a) hydrolyzed wheat protein cannot be hidden under the term "flavor," and (B) barley malt extract is almost always declared as "barley malt extract" or "barley malt flavoring." For this reason, most experts do not restrict natural and artificial flavorings in the gluten-free diet.

Gluten-Free Diet - A Comprehensive Resource Guide, published 2006, page 46

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