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I found out a month ago I have celaics so I had my son who is diabetic tested since diabetics have a higher chance of getting celiacs and I'm a little confused about the results and wanted to see is anyone had an opinion about them.





anti giadin IgG (AGA IgG) 11.2 range is less than 10.0

anti glieadin IgA (AGA IgA) less than 1.2 range is less than 5.0

anti human TTG IgA leass than 1.2 and range is less than 4.0

anti endomysial IgA IFA negative and range is negative

total IgA (nephelometry) 112 and for his age group the range is 44 to 441. He is 14

The interpretation is results may support a diagnosis of celiac disease but are not specific. Serological markers for celiac disease were not detected. His doctor said all results are normal. I think he may not have celiacs but the positive AGA IgG makes me wonder. Maybe he is gluten sensitive. If anyone has any input I would love the feedback.



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