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Getting Doctor's To Test Family Members

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My daughter has celiac and my sister's son has celiac. My sister, her other daughter, my aunts, her husband, and I have have all tested negative and have been asking our parents for years to get screened. My dad has been very sick and finally agreed to ask to be tested/screened and has seen dozens of doctors since he has been in the emergency room and hospitalized. He has asked to be screened and the doctors have told him that they won't run the blood tests and told him that he doesn't have it. I don't know what to think. I found out my daughter has it through routine family testing at her check up. She had minimal symptoms and nothing that screamed "CELIAC!" No real obvious GI symptoms. However, her blood work and biopsy were overwhelmingly positive.

Any advice? I think my dad has a follow up appointment on Monday and my sister plans to go with him. I feel really angry because it took us years to get him to even get to a doctor and ask. No one else in my family has had any issues with getting their doctor to do a test.


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Gosh, I hate to say this, but if the doctor is a such a creep you "may" have to say something along the lines of, oh say, wouldn't it be medical malpractice if he has the disease, we have asked repeatedly to have the blood tests, and you have refused?

I'm sure there are better ways to get that point across, but again, that was my first thought.

I'm sorry he is ill and I hope he feels better soon!!!!

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